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HOW TO PRONOUNCE ITALIAN FOOD | Italian Words You Have Been Saying Wrong
Vincenzo's Plate

How to Pronounce Italian Food the right way. In this video I want to teach you how to pronounce correctly the most popular Italian Food words. Italian Words you have been getting wrong. Don't worry, after this video, you can go to an Italian Restaurant and order food like an

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Simple Potato Gnocchi | Everyday Food with Sarah Carey
Everyday Food

Remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you how to make Gnocchi with Quick Meat Sauce? That recipe called for store-bought gnocchi, but it's actually something you can make yourself pretty easily at home. It's true! It helps if you have a ricer, but you can also use a

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Italian Recipes - How to Make Gnocchi
Allrecipes - Italian

Get the recipe for Gnocchi I at Watch how to make potato gnocchi using a recipe that's been handed down through the generations. It only takes three ingredients! The key is in the technique. See how it's done. Subscribe to allrecipes @ Facebook Twitter @Allrecipesvideo Pinterest

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Potato Gnocchi With 3 Sauces, Italian Recipe - Gianni's North Beach
Gianni North BeachItalian

Potato gnocchi is a classic Italian recipe that's much easier to make than you think. It's a delicious, nutritious and super versatile vehicle for all sorts of sauces from the classic San Marzano tomato sauce to a piquantly pungent gorgonzola sauce to pesto trapanese, in which almonds and tomatoes steal

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